Educational Experience

Our Program offers an accredited, professional Bachelor of Science degree in landscape architecture. The core curriculum for the Program takes three years to complete. Students who declare as landscape architecture majors as freshman or join us prior to the sophomore year typically complete their degree in four years at the University of Connecticut. Students who join us later in their academic career typically take three years from the time they join us to complete the degree.

We have a small Program where the students and faculty form a strong, close-knit community. We have about 50 undergraduate students enrolled in the Program, a small group of graduate students and 5 faculty members closely involved in the
Program The curriculum is studio based and design based. Creative problem solving is developed, creative thought is encouraged and the ability to present ideas graphically and verbally is enhanced. At the same time students learn technical information and skills so that they are ready for the planning, design and construction aspects of the profession.

Student achievement

Students develop substantial knowledge and skills related to land planning, site design and site construction and by graduation are able to develop solutions to a wealth of planning, design and construction related problems. Graduates from our Program go on to attend high-level graduate programs, work in nationally recognized firms and become leaders at the state and local level.

We recognize student success through:

  •  ASLA certificate of Honor and Merit Awards
  •  Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Program
  •  LA @ UConn Outstanding Senior Design Award
  •  Multiple scholarships
  •  Support of internships and other professional development opportunities